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2015-2013 Photo Gallery Archive

2015.11.25_All-Russian Nanotechnological Engineering Contest in Technospark Nanotechnological Center

Three winners of the first All-Russian Nanotechnological Engineering Contest (ARNEC) were determined in the Technospark Nanocente. Awards went to students and graduate students from Moscow, Penza, and Tomsk who developed pressure sensors based on thin-film structures, a material for creating biodegradable bone implants and a nanomodified precursor for carbon fibers.

Photo: Aleksandr Korneev

2015.11.13_Technospark Nonocenter at the exhibition in the State Duma of the Russian Federation

Five Technospark Nanocenter projects were presented at Nano on the Scale of Industry exhibition held in the period November 9 – 13, 2015 in the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Sergey Naryshkin, Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, and Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of RUSNANO Management Board, took part in the exhibition opening ceremony.  Nanocenters of the Foundation for Infrastructure and Educational Programs (FIEP RUSNANO) and RUSNANO portfolio companies participated in the exhibition. Fractions and committees leaders, as well as deputies of the State Duma, visited the exposition.

Photo: FIEP RUSNANO Press Service

2015.11.05_Excursion for school principals from Zelenograd to Technospark Nanocenter

Photo: Elena Yagafarova

2015.11.01_Technospark Nonocenter at the  Open Innovations-2015 Forum

Photo: Elena Yagafarova

2015.10.30_Laying the foundation of Technospark Nanocenter 4th building

A capsule is laid on the territory of Technospark Nanotechnology Center in the base of the fourth building, which will specialize in creating a new generation of electronics. Denis Kovalevich, Technospark Director General, Paul Hermans, Director of Flexible Electronics of the IMEC Scientific Center, as well as Vladimir Dudochkin, Head of Troitsk urban district, took part in laying the foundation of a new Nanocenter building.

Photo: Aleksandra Toshchevikova

2015.10.12_ Excursions to Technospark Nanocenter and Detective Show during  Science 0+ Festival

From October 9-12, more than 300 people visited the Detective Show by Technospark Center for Youth Innovation Creativity within the Festival of Science. Participants in the show were involved in an investigation of real historical events and then confirmed the guesses with chemical experiments. The show was held both on the site of Technospark Nanocenter itself and on the stage of Expocentre Central Exhibition Complex.

Photo: Elena Yagafarova

2015.09.05_”Detective Show on City Day

Photo: Aleksandra Toshchevikova

2015.07.22_Events for Physics and Lyrics educational camp

Physics and Lyrics educational camp visited Technospark Nanotechnological Center. The camp gathers dozens of school-age children for several years already. Children visited an excursion to the laboratories and Nanocenter production units. Then Alexey Ivanov, the Center for Youth Innovation Creativity employee, invited everybody present to be detectives within the interactive Detective Show. Children had to seriously consider the solution of a number of historical events and establish the true cause of what had happened with the help of logic and chemical experiments. The show caused a lot of positive emotions and two days later Alexei Ivanov visited children with another interactive show called Science-in-Box and explained visually and in details the nanotechnology principles.

Photo: Elena Yagafarova

2015.06.26_Excursion and interactive Detective Show for the Technoworld Motion educational camp

In Technospark Тanocenter there was an excursion for schoolchildren from Troitsk, Technoworld Motion summer educational camp organized by the Center partners – Moscow State Pedagogical University Resource Center and Rosnano School League. Children learned about the projects and companies of the center, about the Center for Youth Innovation Creativity activities and training programs. Interactive Detective Show became a surprise for schoolchildren. They had to unravel various cases related to both nanotechnology and chemistry by building a chain of logical solutions and answering the questions.

Photo: Elena Yagafarova

2015.04.23_Bat Projector master class

Technospark Nanocenter hosted a master class from Stanislav Samodelkin, the head of the MozgoChiny project. Children did a good job and everybody made him or herself a Bat Projector.

Photo: Elena Yagafarova


Technospark Nanocenter hosted a lesson on Robotics for children. During the lesson, the Center for Youth Innovation Creativity students studied in practice the electronic circuits graphical constructions, symbolic designations and the assembly of these circuits using various radio components.

Photo: Elena Yagafarova

2014.12.15_Science-in-Box interactive experiments show

Technospark Nanocenter organized an interactive show for students from Troitsk with a Science-in-Box portable mini-laboratory. Children not only looked at experiments but also made them with the help of real scientists.

Photo: Elena Yagafarova

2014.11.20_Look, this is NANO! exhibition

In the Troitsk Technospark Nanocenter a LOOK THIS IS NANO! exhibition of entertaining technologies was held for two weeks. Visitors were told about nanotechnologies, their development, and applications in a bright, understandable and interesting way.

Photo: Elena Yagafarova

2014.07.04_Innovative construction projects exhibition-presentation

Troitsk Technospark Nanocenter hosted an Innovations in Municipal Economy and Construction, an innovative construction projects exhibition-presentation of Nanocenters of the Foundation for Infrastructure and Educational Programs (RUSNANO) Network. Troitsk Town Administration representatives, municipal services, construction companies as well as management companies of housing and public utilities, visited the exhibition.

Photo: Technospark Nanocenter Press Service

2014.06.05_Center for Youth Innovation Creativity opening in Technospark Nanocenter

On the 5th of June, the Technospark’s Fablab Center for Youth Innovation Creativity opening was held in Technospark Nanotechnology Center. Center for Youth Innovation Creativity offers to high school students to choose out of seven preparation directions which will allow children to learn the ropes of the profession and to do their first practical training.

Photo: Vladimir Milovidov

2014.05.16_DNA Diagnostics Services in Russia seminar in Technospark Nanocenter

Technospark Nanocenter hosted the Startup Makers community thematic seminar: DNA Diagnostics Services in Russia. Current Status and Development Prospects.

Photo: Elena Yagafarova

2014.03.25_TechnoSpark Nanocenter at the Photonics – 2014 exhibition

Technospark Nanotechnological Center took part in Russia’s largest exhibition on laser subjects, photonics, and optics called Photonics.  The World of Lasers and Optics – 2014. Applicable laser technologies is one of the main directions for Technospark Nanocenter. Nanocenter projects are implemented in close cooperation with Optosistemy LLC, the leading manufacturer of lasers for medicine, science, and technology. The companies established as a result of this cooperation – Technospark Technological Support Center (TSC), Lazerspark, and SVD.Spark – were also represented at the joint stand.

Photo: Elena Yagafarova

2014.03.03_BioSpark and Trinean presented new equipment in Technospark Nanocenter

BioSpark, company-resident of Technospark Nanotechnological Center, and invited specialist from Trinean, the Belgian company, represented the DropSense96 and Xpose spectrophotometers designed to determine DNA, RNA and proteins concentrations.

Photo: Elena Yagafarova

2014.01.25_January 25, 2014_Presentation of a new platform for refractive surgery in Technospark Nanocenter

In Technospark Nanotechnology Center, a unique presentation of advanced equipment by Optosistemy took place. World’s leading experts in the field of ophthalmology from the United States, Greece, Italy and other countries came to know more about the new development.

Photo: Aleksandr Korneev

2013.12.10_Technology Entrepreneurship Forum

Troitsk hosted Technology Entrepreneurship Forum, which brought together world leaders of the technology business, famous serial entrepreneurs, representatives from famous Russian universities and research centers.

2013.12.10_Technospark Nanocenter opening

Technospark Nanotechnology Center was opened in the Troitsk Town. Alexey Komissarov, Head of the Moscow Department of Science, Konstantin Fokin, Director General of Center for Innovative Development, Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of the Board of RUSNANO, and Vladimir Dudochkin, Head of Troitsk, took part in this event. There was an excursion for guests in Technospark Nanocenter and its project companies.