Business Debut 2018-2019 starts its open program

Business Debut 2018-2019 starts its open program

Russian venture-building companies are inviting 100 business newcomers to work in technology startups

Seven largest venture-building companies in Russia from Saransk, Ulyanovsk, Troitsk, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, St. Petersburg and Moscow announce recruitment of final-year students as a part of the “Business Debut 2018-2019” program.

The selection of candidates will take place in all participating cities in the form of a one-day business game “Build a company. Sell the company.”

Registration is required for the qualifying games. You can register on the website by clicking on the link

Based on results of the qualifying games, 100 best players will be offered the position of a “business newcomer” in one of the 100 startups of the nanocenter network. Each startup will receive 1 million rubles of investment for creating the product, salary and maintenance of the startup.

“The program is primarily aimed at final-year students in higher education, who either have already had experience of part-time work during their studies, or are focused on “getting started quickly”. For them, it is a chance to save a few years of their lives and try to do something themselves for the first time, to prove their entrepreneurial abilities, if they are identified as a result of the qualifying games. We are convinced, thanks to the new industrial revolution which is unfolding before our eyes, that Russia has a chance to create and grow technology companies in the material-based industries; lasers, electronics, robotics, additive technologies, genomics, composites; but we severely lack people who are able to do business in conditions of total novelty and uncertainty,” commented the CEO of the TechnoSpark venture-building company, Denis Kovalevich, on the launch of the program.

Source: Media Office of FIEP RUSNANO

Date: May 3, 2018