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Chinese delegation from XinXiang in the TechnoSpark Nano-Center

The place where innovations are born: the TechnoSpark nano-tech center was given an exploratory visit by a Chinese delegation. The delegation was headed by representatives of the city administration of Xinxiang prefecture, the province of Henan, China. Potential investors were shown a number of developments first of all aimed at the arrangement of future production lines.

Denis Kovalevich, Director General of the TechnoSpark Nano-Center: “The Chinese are doing quite an intense work, and since they spent time on coming, they normally try to do something to their benefit. It means we can also have a chance to find potential partners or potential selling markets. Maybe even investment in companies that will be developing in the Chinese market.”

In particular, the delegation visited the laboratory where artificial diamonds are produced. The province administration are looking into the process, estimating conditions for investment, learning more about location of production facilities to be able to sign agreements on the intentions of parties to cooperate and implement joint projects.

Denis Kovalevich, Director General of the TechnoSpark Nano-Center: “Eventually they report to their local investors on what they have seen and how they estimate that.”

Many of such projects are being put into action. According to the director of TechnoSpark, some companies are actively conquering the Chinese market.

Denis Kovalevich, Director General of the TechnoSpark Nano-Center: “Companies that deal with picosecond lasers are among those who are already operating in the Chinese market. As for companies that are focused on industrial robots for logistics and those that are engaged in production of artificial diamonds, they have active contacts with their Chinese partners, produce artificial diamonds for them and develop certain elements of technologies.”

The tour around the laboratories continued. The Chinese partners were shown some pieces of robotic devices. One of them was a real wonder of artificial intelligence that engineers had been working on for about 5 years. The warehouse robot. It is intended for transportation of cargoes. By the way, the Chinese are actively investing in the development of logistic hubs. There are other projects as well: digital economy, biotechnologies, medicine.

After that, the business visit went on in the city administration. The overseas guests were greeted by the Deputy Mayor. Valentina Glushkova told the delegates about the main landmarks of our science and tech city.

Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party in Xinxiang, Zhang Guowei, considers Troitsk to be a solid business partner that could help to expand production capacities and selling markets. For us it entails an increase in tax payments and creation of new workplaces.

Zhang Guowei, secretary of the Chinese Communist Party in XinXiang (China): “The town made a great impression on us. We are very glad to have a possibility to cooperate with Russia and Moscow. We also invite Russian entrepreneurs to come to China in order to develop business and selling markets together.”

Representatives of the People’s Republic of China invited Troitsk people to come to the exhibition of achievements made by scientific institutes that will be held in October in the province of Xinxiang and sign the official memorandum of cooperation.

Source: Trotek Television Company

Date: June 30, 2018