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Diamond optics by CVD.Spark

Diamond optics by CVD.SparkCVD.Spark LLC, full-cycle company producing CVD-diamonds for different applications, announced a launch of new production line of diamond optical elements at the Laser world of Photonics Exhibition – 2015 in Munich.
Diamond is the multipurpose material, stable to high loads, resistant to aggressive environments, prefect for space applications due to combination of unique properties (wide transmission range, hardness, robustness, unrevealed thermal conductivity, chemical resistance)
CVD-diamond optical elements (windows, lenses, ATR-prisms) improve efficiency of spectroscopy. Diamond windows are prefect for high-power lasers because of its great damage threshold. Fine thermal conductivity of diamond prevents thermal lensing and hot spots being created. Synthetic diamond heat-spreaders are best for disc laser active elements.
“CVD-technology makes it possible to produce large diamond plates while controlling the material quality. This opens new opportunities for photonic applications. So we are launching new production line targeting the optics market,” – says CVD.Spark CEO Ms Marina Borisenko.
CVD.Spark LLC is a synthetic diamond in-house full-cycle production company. The company produces polycrystal and monocrystal CVD-diamonds and develops technologies for the next stage products – diamond optics, detectors for ionization radiation, cutters for drilling tools and others. CVD.Spark takes part in R&D projects and designs new products in accordance with customers’ requirements.