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One of TechnoSpark startups rates as the best one in Russia

One of TechnoSpark startups rates as the best one in Russia

Investors placed most of their trust in Ronavi Robotics from Troitsk that is part of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies. It was announced on April 4 in Moscow City when alongside three other companies Ronavi Robotics received the Kupislona award (#купислона), which is a reputation award given to most promising startups in the material based sector. The award was organized by the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs of the RUSNANO Group, National Tech Initiative, Russian Venture Company, Innovation Promotion Fund, and Interindustry Nanotech Union.

Ronavi Robotics from Troitsk that won the Kupislona award is the first Russian developer and maker of robots for automation of warehouse logistics. In the last two years, the company has grown sixfold and it continues steadily along the upward trend. In 2019, it is going to make and deliver the first production batch of robots to its clients. The company director was handed the award by Anatoly Chubais, Chief Executive Officer of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs.

‘Not only is this award of great importance for Ronavi Robotics as acknowledgment of its achievements and evidence of trust placed in it by investors and strengthened by its efficient and high quality work,’ says Vladimir Dudochkin, Mayor of Troitsk. ‘It is also momentous for our town: it makes Troitsk businesses move up in performance ratings and demonstrates their reliability and competitiveness. The words ‘Made in Troitsk’ have more and more weight to them, which is not only about the place of origin, but the quality assurance as well.’

After the award ceremony, there was an investment session where venture capitalists could see 90 startups of the nano center network that operates under the aegis of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, of which 20 were promoted by TechnoSpark from Troitsk.

Source: Official website of Troitsk City District
Date: April 8, 2019