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2017.11.27_TechnoSpark Project School lesson for high school students from Troitsk

Senior classes schoolchildren wishing to get information about modern technologies and to practice on the professional equipment were selected in autumn in Troitsk. The winners attended the first lesson in Technospark Nanocentre Project School in the last days of November.

Photo: Vladimir Milovidov

2017.11.14_Troitsk companies at the Semicon Europe 2017 Exhibition

The largest event in the field of microelectronics – the Semicon Europa 2017 Exhibition of semiconductor technologies, materials and services for the photovoltaic industry was held in the period November 14-17 in Munich. TechnoSpark Nanotechnology Center took part in the Made in Moscow collective stand of the Moscow Government.

2017.10.16_Build a Company. Sell a Company business game at the Open Innovations Forum.

On the first day of Open Innovations Forum, visitors to Rusnano stand took part in the  Build a Company. Sell a Company business game where they went through the whole creation process of technology businesses and tried themselves as venture builders.

2017.09.12_Import Substitution Forum

Denis Kovalevich, Director General of Technospark Nanocenter, took part in the Development of Industrial Clusters, Technoparks, and Industrial Parks as Part of an Import Substitution Policy strategic session held on the first day of the Import Substitution Forum.

2017.09.12_Excursion to TechnoSpark Nanocenter organized for Rusnano employees

Photo: TechnoSpark Nanocenter Press Service

2017.06.22_A. Chubais’s visit to TechnoSpark Nanocenter

Photo: TechnoSpark Nanocenter Press Service

2017.04.03_Vladimir Volovik’s lecture on the history of engineering in the Glinka School of Art

Photo: TechnoSpark Nanocenter Press Service

2017.04.03_Vladimir Volovik’s lecture on the history of engineering in Gymnasium of Troitsk

Photo: TechnoSpark Nanocenter Press Service

2017.02.12_All-Russian physical and technical Test in Technospark Nanocenter

TechnoSpark Nanocenter hosted the All-Russian physical and technical Come to Solve! test on the 12th day of February. The event was organized by Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology with the support and assistance of the Yandex company. The Test was timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Correspondence School of Physics and Technology.

2016.12.17_Excursion and science show in Technospark Nanocenter

Sixth-graders from Lyceum of Troitsk visited TechnoSpark Nanotechnological Center. Schoolchildren visited the Nanocenter excursion and also saw a new The X-Men science show. Both children and their parents enjoyed the event. And their smiles is another proof of that!

2016.12.05_Healthcare-2016 International Exhibition

TechnoSpark Nanotechnology Center project companies took part in the Healthcare – 2016 International Exhibition held in Moscow in early December. The leaders of Visionix Rus and Skaltek projects presented their exhibits at the RUSNANO exhibition stand.

2016.12.01_The V Nanoindustry Enterprises Congress

Photo report from the Fifth Nanoindustry Enterprises Congress held in Moscow in early December. Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of the Management Board of RUSNANO, Denis Kovalevich, Director General of Technospark Nanocenter,  Leven Paul van Dun, General Manager of the Research and Development Center in Belgian Catholic University, Attila Sigeti, Director General of Drukka Startup Studio, and many others took part in it. Developments of RUSNANO portfolio companies and nanocenters working in the field of biotechnology, medicine, energy, and electronics were presented on the Congress. Ways to develop high-tech business, problems in lack of new start-ups, serial technology entrepreneurship, and ways to support small and medium-sized innovative business entities were discussed at the plenary sessions and panel discussions.

Photo: Aleksandr Korneev

2016.11.14_All-Russian Engineering Contest Final in Technospark Nanocenter

Technospark Nanocenter hosted the final of the All-Russian Engineering Contest in the field of nanotechnology for students and graduate students (VIC.Nano-2016) on the 14th day of November.

Three winners out of 18 contestants were selected following the results of this final round. The winners will receive awards during the Contest final ceremony in St. Petersburg and then they will go on a three-day technology tour to IMEC, one of Europe’s largest research and innovation centers.

Photo: VIC.Nano-2016 Press Service.

2016.11.10_Signing an agreement with Concept Laser

Technospark Nanotechnological Center, LVM AT technological engineering company and Concept Laser German company signed a trilateral agreement on cooperation.

Event program included: excursion in the Nanocenter organized for Concept Laser representatives, signing of the agreement and a press scrum.

2016.10.21_The X-Men Science show in Technospark Nanocenter

Photo: Elena Yagafarova

2016.10.10_Buhler company show-room opening in TechnoSpark Nanocenter

Buhler company show-room opening was held in TechnoSpark Nanocenter.

The laboratory is equipped with the legendary vacuum deposition unit A700Q (Leybold Heraeus), modern SYRUSpro710 (Leybold Optics), Photon RT spectrophotometer, Ellipse-1991 spectral complex and other high-tech equipment.

Modern Technologies in the Field of Optical Thin-Film Coatings seminar marked the show-room opening.

Photo: Elena Yagafarova

2016.09.20_Round-table discussion on the topic The Place of Russian Companies in the International Market of Additive Technologies TEC LMM AT

Photo: Aleksandr Korneev

2016.07.29_A. Shpilenko’s visit to Technospark Nanocenter

Representatives from nanocenters-colleagues from all over Russia gathered in Technospark at the end of July. Andrey Shpilenko, Director of Clusters and Technoparks Association, the creator of the Technopark state standard, was among the guests.

Photo: Elena Yagafarova

2016.06.05_NanoWeekend in TechnoSpark Nanocenter

Photo: Aleksandr Korneev

2016.05.27_Artek-Brading company opening in Technospark Nanocenter

On May 27, 2016, there was a solemn start for the Artek-Brading production complex – a company created by the Troitsk Technospark Nanocenter. Vladimir Evgenievich Dudochkin, Head of Troitsk urban district in Moscow City, Ruslan Titov, Deputy Director of FIOP (RUSNANO) and numerous Nanocenter’s partners were the guests of honour of the opening.

Photo: Aleksandr Korneev

2016.05.20_Excursion to Technospark Nanocenter organized for schoolchildren

Photo: Elena Yagafarova

2016.05.19_Excursion to TechnoSpark Nanocenterorganized for second-graders

Photo: Elena Yagafarova

2016.05.19_Technospark Nanocenter’s Avia-Model study group at the Heli Russia

Photo: Elena Yagafarova

2016.05.10_Excursion for children to Technospark Nanocenter

Photo: Elena Yagafarova

2016.04.13_Technospark Nanocenter at the MosBuild-2016 Exhibition

Photo: Elena Yagafarova

2016.02.29_The Golden Age of Engraving Exhibition

In the period February 29 – March 6, Technospark Nanocenter hosted the Golden Age of Engraving Exhibition: the Mutual Influence of New Technologies and Art on the Example of Great Masters’ Works. During the exhibition, the audience was introduced to the art of engraving and has a chance to compare different techniques of engraving (xylography, etching, cutter engraving, lithography, etc.). Technospark Center for Youth Innovation Creativity employees and Svetlana Kochetkova, a teacher of the Estamp studio in the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, conducted master classes on engraving technique for children during the whole week.

Photo: Elena Yagafarova