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Ronavi Robotics makes it to the final in the Yandex.Market and Fesco competitions

Ronavi Robotics makes it to the final in the Yandex.Market and Fesco competitionsRonavi Robotics is through to the final of the GoTech investment competition, becoming one of the ten best startups in tracks pronsored by two partners — the Fesco logistic company (Logistics Challenge) and Yandex.Market (New Retail).

Finalists in special nominations of the GoTech 2018 were announced on October 8, 2018. For the total number of 13 tracks of the competition, there had been over 700 applications from Russian companies. Each of the GoTech tracks is shaped by the leading player of the industry.

Ronavi develops logistic robots with QR code-based navigation and control through a server jointly used by warehouses, fulfilment and distribution centers.

As one of the largest private transport and logistics companies in Russia, Fresco evaluated the contestants in terms of how ready they are to launch a pilot concept and/or develop a solution for a large strategist and what technical competencies they have.

Fresco owns some assets in the area of harbor, railway and integrated logistic businesses all around the country. The Group includes the largest port in the Far East — the Vladivostok commercial seaport.

Yandex.Market looked at whether the companies had an MVP that was ready for sale and a technological advantage that was difficult to replicate.

The finals in special nominations will take place on November 20 at the GoTech Arena forum in Moscow; the winners will get an opportunity to launch their pilot together with the track’s industrial partner and a pack of investment offers.

Source: Media Office of the TechnoSpark Nano-Center
Data: November 9, 2018