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TechnoSpark – at the top of the most efficient tech parks in Russia for three years in a row

Six special-purpose companies of the Fund for Infrastructure and Education Programs of the RUSNANO Group have made it to the 4th National Ranking of the most effective tech parks that is made up annually by the Association of Clusters and Technology Parks of Russia (ACTP).

The TechnoSpark Group of Companies (Troitsk, New Moscow) has been ranked number one for three years in a row. The SIGMA.Novosibirsk nano-tech center has been rated third. Besides, the ranking includes the IDEA Innovation Tech Park from Tatarstan (8th), the Sarov Technopark from Nizhny Novgorod Oblast (9th), the Ulyanovsk Center for Technology Transfer (ULNANOTECH nano-center; 10th). The top ten tech parks are those that have demonstrated operational efficiency of over 110%. The Center for Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials of the Republic of Mordovia (15th place) was listed in the category of efficiency that has exceeded 100%.

“The ranking list is compiled in order to identify the most infrastructure-advantaged platforms for housing and developing high-tech companies; estimate efficiency of operational models that enable tech parks to take their projects to self-sufficiency in the shortest time; and also determine and spread the best practices to manage tech parks in Russia,” says Andrey Shpilenko, Director of the Association. The integral index is calculated on the basis of scores in 16 categories, including innovative activity of tech park residents, total expenditure they have on scientific research, the number of intellectual property items they created, total revenues they earned, volume of exported products, as well as tax and customs payments.

TechnoSpark isn’t simply a technology park that consists of venues, tenants and events. “From day one, we’ve been focusing our efforts primarily on deliberate establishment of new tech-loaded startups, — the Shareholder and the Director General of TechnoSpark, Denis Kovalevich says. — At present we are simultaneously developing over 100 companies, giving them space on our platform. In my opinion, it’s the economic efficiency of this sort of approach that the ACTP has confirmed by its analytical review.”

This recognition of TechnoSpark by the authoritative Association has come in handy. Perfect timing. “The pivotal event of the next year for us is Private Placement, attraction of investments worth 10% of the TechnoSpark capital from a limited number of private investors — companies and persons. I think that the current ranking proves to a great extent that TechnoSpark is a good place to invest in,” — Kovalevich says with confidence.

“The investment network of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs of the RUSNANO Group uses a unified standard of establishment of tech startups. SIGMA.Novosibirsk has been operating on the basis of this system for over two years now, and throughout all this time it has been ranked by the ACTP as fitting into the category of the highest efficiency, — the Director General of SIGMA.Novosibirsk, Boris Galkin, points out. — In 2018, we have successfully come out of two companies, launched over twenty new startups, doubled the number of workplaces, started collaborating with a few global industrial leaders. Next year SIGMA.Novosibirsk will get a new platform with the area of 3,000 square meters that will serve both to expand the activities of some companies of SIGMA.Novosibirsk and to house other companies that belong to the group of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs.”

Source: Media Office of FIEP RUSNANO
Date: November 19, 2018