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TSU Students to Defend Graduation Projects Based on Technology Startups

TYUMEN, February 15. /TASS/. Students of Tyumen State University will be able to defend their graduation projects by launching a technology startup. As the TSU media office informed TASS on Friday, this has become possible after the university and TechnoSpark Group signed a partnership agreement.

“According to the program, 10 TSU students who have shown entrepreneurial skills during the qualifying stages will be able to do an eight-month business internship with high-tech startups of TechnoSpark and to defend their final qualifying projects based on its results by presenting their successes and failures during a new startup launch,” said the representative of Tyumen State University.

According to the TSU media office, TechnoSpark and the university are going to invest 1 million rubles in each startup project. “We will create new workplaces in new startup companies for the interns so that they could try themselves as founders of a real technology business. This is a new qualification,” CEO of TechnoSpark Denis Kovalevich said to the media office. The interns will also have access to the professional ecosystem of TechnoSpark: contract manufacturers, industrial designers, design engineers, process engineers, and other technology services.

Rector of Tyumen State University Valery Falkov emphasized that the creation of an entrepreneurial training track for students is an important focus area of the university. “For this, we have chosen TechnoSpark Group. They are a successful partner that knows how to teach others to deal with high-tech startups, in particular those that have an element which is extremely difficult to reproduce, commercialize, and replicate — this element is called innovation,” he said.

Third-year undergraduates and first-year postgraduates will be able to participate in this project. The first qualifying stage to shortlist the interns will take place on 28 February and 28 March in TSU in the form of a business game “Build a company. Sell the company.”

The business internship will be held from September 2019 to April 2020 in TechnoSpark, Troitsk (Moscow) or in one of its partner nanotech centers in Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Ulyanovsk, Saransk, Dubna or Gatchina. “Each student will be paid 20 thousand rubles per month to cover personal expenses. Transport and accommodation expenses will be reimbursed as well,” noted the TSU media office.

Source: TASS

Date: 15 February 2019