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Innovation Cluster

The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation announced a contest for the support of regional innovative clusters.
This was told by Victor SIDNEV, the Director of the Troitsk Nanotech Center “Technospark” to a reporter of the City Rhythm:
– All the territories, which have a potential for innovations, actively prepare applications for this competition. At the end of March, a strategic session on the formation of the application took place in the town of Sarov – the discussion was on the topic of the innovative potential of Sarov as well as on the interaction between the science and the business. Along with the top management of the All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics (RFNC – VNIIEF), which is the Russian federal nuclear center, and the Sarov Administration, also the representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, Rosatom, Ministry of Economic Development, and other scientific centers took part in the session.
The interaction between science and production is crucial for the innovation cluster. The task is to use the innovation potential, which particularly VNIIEF has, in the Russian economy. A lot of talks with respect to increasing the share of small and medium innovative business in the most recent time take place at the top level – this topic is mentioned by both the President of Russia and the newly elected President.
At the session in Sarov I was asked to tell about the experience of Troitsk on spatial planning, including the development of innovation. I told that Troitsk experience in this sphere is rather unsuccessful. We have not managed to create a significant number of jobs in the high technology business. I showed the presentation “About the Troitsk innovation cluster”. It is largely coincided with the ideas that were discussed in Sarov. It was written with modern and reasonable ideas … 8 years ago. Unfortunately, nothing has been realized. The reason is the passive attitude of our scientific organizations and the lack of innovative infrastructure.
In fact, what we have in our institutions is the very innovative infrastructure. However, it is not used for the innovation process because innovations are the business and commercialization of technologies, but not scientific research. From the business point of view, this infrastructure is mainly unavailable. We have lost about 9,000 jobs in Troitsk institutions.
In other territories (Novosibirsk, Dubna, Sarov) innovative structures have been created – technoparks and nanotech centers. I hope very much that the implementation of the nanotech center project and construction of a technopark in the territory of the LPI, with the decision of the Supervisory Board of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives taken, would get things moving. Job creation becomes especially vital in connection with the accession of Troitsk to the Great Moscow. The task for the Troitsk is to become the new center of attraction, to unload Moscow from the flows of people living outside the Moscow Ring Road and going to the center to work.
Troitsk Administration has taken the decision to file an application for participation of the town in the competition for creation of innovative clusters. The application deadline is April 20. Directors of all our institutes gathered at the initiative of V.E. Dudochkin supported the idea of the Head of the town.
The main problem of Troitsk is the absence of industrial enterprises producing innovative products. We have quite high level of scientific developments; small and medium businesses appear and operate. There are two ways to solve this problem: The first is the establishing of cooperative chains with Moscow enterprises; and the second is the creation of industrial sites to attract companies located closer to the territory of Troitsk. We need to create them on the adjacent territories of the neighboring districts. Today, we actively interact with the Department of Science and Support of Entrepreneurship of the Government of Moscow; and we have reached complete understanding between us. Today the Moscow Government is ready to support the application of Troitsk and, which is the most important, to actively participate in its development and implementation of the Troitsk cluster program.
At the first stage, only 10 territories will be selected for establishment of innovation clusters. We expect several dozens of applications as the competition is strong. To be competitive, it is necessary to determine clearly the specialization of our cluster. What can Troitsk offer? We have discussed it with the representatives of the Higher School of Economics, and with the Government of Moscow. Troitsk has, at least, two competences, which are well developed and have a high innovative potential. Firstly, these are new materials, including crystallized solid materials and the production of lasers for different applications. We mean both the production of new materials under high pressure, and the technology of crystal settling from gas environment. It is a less expensive and faster process allowing to raise plates larger than the ones that are created by the conventional technology.
Our town has a high scientific potential, and it has all chances to become an innovation cluster of the New Moscow.

Source: City Rythm,  16.04.2012

Author: Natalya Kozlinskaya