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The S7 Technics Specialists Took Part in a Technological Seminar on the Use of Additive Technologies for Aircraft Maintenance and Repair

The S7 Technics leading engineers became familiar with 3D printing opportunities for spare parts from metal and plastics within a technological seminar with the TechnoSpark Group of Companies. During their discussion, the experts created a pool of general hypotheses for further practical studies, namely the start of production of plastic spare parts in limited series and the production of single metal spare parts most frequently used during repairs.

On March 6, the production site of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies became a venue for a technological conference dedicated to the use of additive technologies in aircraft repair and maintenance. The seminar was organized by such companies as NISSA Digispace, a Russian master distributor of equipment units by GE Additive and Stratasys, and CML AT, an engineering company that specializes in introducing additive technologies into both machine-building and instrument engineering. S7 Technics was represented by the SDTB specialists (the Special Design Turbochargers Bureau, Penza) for the purpose of identifying opportunities and prospects for the introduction of 3D printing for metal and plastic parts into turbocharger manufacturing processes. Also, the S7 Technics specialists from the Novosibirsk Aircraft Maintenance Base were invited to attend the seminar in order to understand the practicability of additive technologies in the production of press moulds for plastic parts of passenger seats.

Oleg Lysak, the TechnoSpark Additive Technologies Director, made a review report on the practical use of engineering for 3D printing, restrictions, and possibilities of technologies, the use of metals, plastics, photopolymers, design processes, standardization, certification, and practical applications.

Pavel Trusov, the NISSA Digispace Commercial Director (NISSA Digispace, an exclusive Russian distributor of equipment units by GE Additive and Stratasys), told about technological possibilities of latest-generation metal 3D printers by Concept Laser and ARCAM (members of the GE Additive Group) and FDM and PolyJet printing equipment by Stratasys. Special attention was paid to the world’s largest 3D printer consumers: “Today the world’s largest customers of GE Additive and Stratasys are contract manufacturers. They make medical products, aircraft equipment, and automobile accessories. 3D printing technologies that allow us to serially release customized products can be also effectively used for absolutely different customers.”

The participants concluded that it is necessary to reasonably and competently assess the practicability and prospects for 3D printing in the production of metal and plastic parts, namely in the production of turbochargers and components for passenger seats. Additive technologies will allow us to optimize expenses and reduce production hours.

S7 Technics is a leading MRO provider in the Russian market. The company carries out works related to base and prompt maintenance of aircrafts by Boeing, Airbus, Embraer and GSS, repairs, engineering and production of components for main types of aircrafts, as well as works related to repairs of CFM56 aircraft engines. Such MRO providers as LLC S 7 ENGINEERING and LLC Sibir Technics that maintain aircrafts in Moscow (DME), Novosibirsk (OVB) and Mineralnye Vody (MRV), as well as at several Russian line stations, are the company’s members.

The TechnoSpark Group is the first Russian company that carries out a complete cycle of venture construction, from start-ups creation to sales. The TechnoSpark Group’s scope of activities includes the following hardware industries: robotics in logistics, energy storage systems, hi-tech medical equipment, diamond optics, composite braiding, optical and industrial coatings, genomics, industrial microbiology, thin-film integrated photovoltaics, additive technologies, flexible electronics.

The NISSA Digispace is a company that specializes in introducing and maintaining high-tech scalable complexes, as well as integrating solutions for digital production. The company is a master distributor of equipment units manufactured by GE Additive and Stratasys.

The CML AT is a technological engineering company that was created in 2015 together with the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs of RUSNANO and CompMechLab. It specializes in introducing additive technologies into machine building, civil aviation, medicine, instrument engineering, robotics, oil and gas sectors, and consumer goods. The company’s clients are as follows: JSC OMK, LLC Gazpromneft Snabzhenie, JSC Aviadvigatel, as well as new technological start-ups. Its head office is situated in St. Petersburg, a Moscow office is located in TechnoSpark.

Source: The official site of the TechnoSpark NC
Date: March 14, 2018