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Alexei Smertin Tehnospark won the cup 2011

Alexei Smertin Tehnospark won the cup 2011

On Saturday at the city stadium Troitsk the drawing of a football Cup “Tehnospark” – 2011.

Alexei Smertin Tehnospark won the cup 2011

Gymnastics team participated “Summer rain” (champion Troitsk Spring 2011), FC “Prosecution” LFC “Valros” (Cup winner Troitsk mini-football-2011), FC “RUSNANO”. Team FC “Atroshchanka” at the last moment refused to participate.

The main feature of the tournament was the participation of former player sat Russia, Lokomotiv (Moscow) and London’s Chelsea Alexey Smertin, who arrived at the personal request of the tournament organizer, president of the sports club “Summer rain” Ruslan Titov.

Hard to remember when the players come to play such a level in Troitsk . Comes to mind except that the arrival of Vladimir Beschastnyh and , with some reservations , Fyodor Cherenkov ( whose age at the time of arrival was already far from the game ) . Alexei Smertin looked as if he had not finished his career , an ounce , filigree work with the ball, a keen understanding of the game , burning eyes , hungry martial arts. Never removed the legs , moving away from hazardous joints. May affect participation in training Alexei Lokomotiv Moscow as a second coach.

As said Ruslan Titov, Alexei Smertin was invited specifically to strengthen the team of prosecutors , as in the tournament organized by prosecutors in Moscow a month ago, the victory was celebrated as the time the players ‘ Dozhdikov . ”

The tournament began with the Prosecutor’s Office and Dozhdikov game in which it was very interesting to watch the combative in midfield Alexei Smertin another ex – player of the Russian Premier League Sergei Chernogayev . The match ended in a draw , but like the other two games “Summer rain “. Teams ” Valros ” and ” Prosecution ” had victories to its credit , so in the final played first. The winner of the tournament was the team of ” Prosecution “, ” Valros ” second ” Summer rain ” snatched “RUSNANO” third place.

At the end of the finale all the teams were awarded prizes , and the winner got a big challenge cup and a smaller copy for permanent storage.