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Bicycle Geeks Reinvent Old Technologies Using 3D Printers

Bicycle Geeks Reinvent Old Technologies Using 3D PrintersSometimes engineers are forced to abandon certain production models just because they failed to scale them up. Even despite the fact that those models result in high-quality products. Mass production often requires simplification in favor of quantity. But time to time some cool technology may make a comeback. Especially if it can be quickly reproduced in high quality in up-to-date conditions.

“We often get orders from bike service shops to print spare parts that are no longer produced so they can repair older bikes. Many of the customers do not only ask for an exact replica, but they upgrade the components optimizing various properties. It cuts the costs arising from logistics and warehouse supply maintenance.

Another advantage of 3D printed bike parts is that it allows for production of customized items that fit specific tasks and anthropometric particulars of a person. Such items are engineered with an absolutely different technological background in mind, and it requires precise calculations of durability.

We get an increasing number of requests for 3D printing of individual bike units from producers of bike components and bike producers that operate in professional sport: bottom bracket shells, saddle bushings and headsets. 

Whenever there is a need of customization or optimization, the capacity of additive production unfolds to the fullest,” says Alexander Narchuk, Director of the TEN Print Company.

More detailed information on the subject can be found on the vc.ru online newspaper at: https://vc.ru/future/76986-kak-velosipednye-giki-vozrozhdayut-starye-tehnologii-s-pomoshchyu-3d-printerov