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Chinese delegation from Changchun in TechnoSpark Nano-Center

Science and innovations know no boundaries. The friendly cooperation between the nano-center in Troitsk and scientists and entrepreneurs from Changchun (China) is a definite proof of that. This week our guests from China visited TechnoSpark where they were shown around the laboratories.

The friendly ties between the Troitsk nano-center and entrepreneurs from China are getting stronger. This week TehnoSpark of New Moscow was visited by people of science together with the business people from Changchun. The guests were greeted by the technical director of the nano-center, Oskar Yagafarov. He gave a report on the activities of subdivisions and went on to speak about the most promising projects.

Oskar Yagafarov, Technical Director of the TechnoSpark Nano-Center says “Our Chinese partners that we are now working on CVD-diamonds with have arranged their city administration to visit our nano-center. We really hope that this encounter will add some momentum to our cooperation on the existing projects and give us an opportunity to attract more entrepreneurs from China, bring in new investments and open up the Chinese market.”

The meeting went beyond the presentation and continued in the laboratories. In each of them the guests were given a chance to get to know the latest developments and their creators. Supervisors of different areas told the visitors from China about the current work and shared their plans for the future. Perhaps some of their plans will be turned into reality together with the new partners from China.

Oskar Yagafarov, Technical Director of the TechnoSpark Nano-Center says “We would like to introduce the Chinese delegation to a number of companies what are either entering the Chinese market or are interested in it. They include a company that produces industrial lasers, a producer of logistic robots and a biotech laboratory. Also, we are going to tell them about our showroom that we opened in Beijing. This platform in China will bring our companies closer to the Chinese market and will make it easier to communicate with the Chinese consumers.”

Most obviously there wasn’t enough time to dedicate to each laboratory the deserved attention. Because one visit is simply not enough to get a full picture of all the innovative products made by the nano-center. Apart from the workers of TechnoSpark, the Chinese delegation was also invited on a visit to the Institute for High Pressure Physics.

Source: Trotek Television Company

Footage: Inna Chistova, Vadim Orlov

Date: August 21, 2018