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Laser technology to manipulate cells

Laser technology to manipulate cells

Laser technology to manipulate cells created in the Trinity nanocenter ” TehnoSpark ” sparked the interest of Western investors.

Deputy Director of Flanders Invest & Trade Castrelo Thomas expressed interest in the proposed draft of ” Laser nanotechnology ” for the development of laser technology to manipulate cells to obtain cells with desired characteristics , the presentation of which took place in the framework of the Third Russian Tech Tour in late April.

“This technology will significantly reduce the cost of existing in the world today technology to produce an animal model for research , primarily pure line of mice . If today an animal model output by multiple mating , our technology will allow therapeutic cloning to create “pure model ” animals in a single step , “- said in his presentation Tatiana Egorova , analyst nanocenter ” Tehnospark ” and development manager Laser nanosurgery . ” In the future this technology will receive the whole tissues and organs for a specific person ,” – said Tatiana Egorova , representing the project investors.

” Tech Tour held this year for the third time , and the first time it was attended by companies from the segment’s IT. We are pleased that the horizon of interest of Western investors and expanding our technology startups become essential in solving the serious problems of the European market research , “- said Ruslan Titov , Deputy Managing Director of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs ( RUSNANO) .