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Medika Presented a Contract Localisation Model at the Zdrav.Fom Russian Health Care Forum

Medika Presented a Contract Localisation Model at the Zdrav.Fom Russian Health Care ForumMoscow hosted the Forum 2018 within the Zdrav.Fom project. Within a panel discussion Biomedical Technologies in Russia moderated by the Association of Clusters and Technoparks, a report on the service intended to localize foreign hi-tech equipment at the Russian medical market was presented by Katerina Khodunova, the LLC Medika Executive Director.

Large foreign companies have no problems with entering the Russian market, the same cannot be said for small and medium-sized companies with an annual revenue of 50-200 million US dollars. For them, it is often difficult or economically irrational to organize their production in Russia due to the Russian market’s low capacity. Besides, there are some sales restrictions on foreign medical equipment that do not allow companies to participate in tenders. As for state purchase contracts, privileges and benefits are provided to those equipment units which have a necessary depth of processing within the territory of Russia, in certain cases up to 70% of a cost has to be created in Russia.

The service implemented by Medika allows foreign companies to considerably reduce their production costs and quickly bring their products to the local market. Medika develops a scheme and stages of localization of foreign medical equipment in Russia, bears production and assembly expenses, takes part in searching and certifying Russian accessories manufacturers, prepares registration documents for medical products, obtains the ST-1 Certificate, etc.

The creation and development of a network of contract manufacturings in the TechnoSpark Nanotechnology Center provide an opportunity of localizing companies, including those from the medical instrument engineering sector. The infrastructure of the Nanotechnology Center allows manufacturers to directly order all necessary accessories in TechnoSpark. Today, contract localization serves as the most effective model aimed at attracting foreign manufacturers to Russia.

The forum programme also included an exposition dedicated to personalized medicine. TEN.MedPrint, a member of the TechnoSpark Ggroup of Companies, presented services of contract manufacturing of titanium endoprostheses and implants based on customized additive technologies.

Source: The official site of the TechnoSpark NC
Date: February 28, 2018