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Moscow Polytech to Cooperate with the Best Technology Park of Russia

Moscow Polytech to Cooperate with the Best Technology Park of RussiaThree second-year students of the Engineering Department of the Moscow Polytechnic University got some first-hand experience in TEN Med Print (which belongs to the TechnoSpark Group) that is the only Russian player in the area of additive production that is certified to manufacture medical items.

Throughout the 2 weeks of their internship, the students went through the entire production cycle and obtained basic knowledge as to how to prepare models for printing, how to load and unload the printer, and how to process the items both thermally and mechanically.

The students were taken on a tour around TechnoSpark, and eventually chose which startup would be the place of their internship.

TechnoSpark is involved in a few programs for students and graduates: The #startupdiploma project allows students to prepare their graduation paper based on a real technology startup, the Business Debut provides graduates with an opportunity to be in charge of a properly invested startup for 10 months, and regularly arranged games “Build a Company. Sell the Company” enable participants to dedicate 10 hours to the startup creation process that would take up to a few years’ time in real life. Organising student internships is another format of how startup studios interact with future employees.

Here are some details about the companies: 

TechnoSpark is the best technology park of Russia in 2016, 2017 and 2018; this group of companies stands second in the TechSuccess Innovation Ratings among other rapidly growing companies.
TechnoSpark is a full-cycle startup studio that creates companies using the deep-tech approach on the basis of its experience and expertise.
TechnoSpark builds, expands and sells technology-based startups. The campus of the company group is located in the center of New Moscow – Troitsk. The company is part of the investment network of the Fund for Infrastructure Programs of RUSNANO.
Since 2012, TechnoSpark has created over 120 companies, 10 of which have already passed the seed-stage and are now ready for external investment. The first mass-produced items made by the companies of TechnoSpark include the following: logistic robots, systems for accumulation and storage of energy, solar panel roofs and windows, flexible screens and tags, sensors and gauges for sports industry, individual titanium implants and endoprostheses, DNA-tests to be applied in cardiology and to detect genetic diseases.

TEN.MedPrint (part of the TEN Group in the TechnoSpark Group of Companies, Troitsk, Moscow) is developing serial production of medical endoprostheses and individual implants with the help of additive technologies or industrial 3D-printing.

It is the fastest growing additive production company of Russia that received all necessary permissions in order to manufacture medical endoprostheses. The technological level of TEN.MedPrint makes it possible to mass-print custom-tailored endoprostheses.

The company uses top-notch 3D-printers in the production of items. They make the human “spare parts” by means of selective laser melting when the laser consecutively melts layers of titanium powder in accordance with the geometry of the item being produced. We hope for further fruitful cooperation!

Source: Center for Career, Internship and Employment of Moscow Polytech

Date: 17 July 2019