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My First Business: How School Students Learned Technology Entrepreneurship in TechnoSpark

My First Business: How School Students Learned Technology Entrepreneurship in TechnoSparkOn March 13, a group of school students participating in the My First Business programme visited TechnoSpark within the All-Russian forum Russia is a Country of Opportunities. The students came from different corners of Russia and quickly showed a high level of knowledge and a strong interest in advanced business processes.

This orientation programme focused on material-based technologies, venture-construction business and consisted of two parts. The first part included a sightseeing tour after which the students attended a lecture titled TechnoSpark as a Business Territory. They also learned about hi-tech business processes and types of companies operating in TechnoSpark. It should be noted that the presentation and meaning of this lecture were absolutely “adult”. Usually, such lectures are delivered to partners or potential clients. The only difference is that this time it was a bit shorter due to the tight schedule. According to the host party, a dialogue with the students was conducted just like with partners, and the children perfectly coped with this difficult task.

The second part included their direct familiarization with innovative materials and technologies. They had a master class where metals with shape memory effects, water-proofing liquid, and scanning probe microscopes’ operation were demonstrated.

According to the results of their visit, the school students considerably improved their knowledge of technological venture-construction business and enthusiastically asked about employment: “What does an applicant need to be employed by your company?!”

Source: The official site of the TechnoSpark NC
Date: March 21, 2018