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Revolutionary Methods of Computing and Application of Complex Coatings

From October 1 to October 12, the TechnoSpark Nano-center in Troitsk hosted the International Technology Seminar “Contemporary Approaches to Production of High-Precision Optic Items, Revolutionary Methods of Computing and Application of Complex Coatings”. The seminar was organized by OptiSpark, a resident company of TechnoSpark, and the Swiss company Bühler AG.

With the use of Bühler Leybold Optics equipment,  particularly SYRUSpro710 unit for electron beam evaporation, upon request of Russian companies OptiSpark produces unique optic coatings for mirrors of various purpose, laser optic items, optic filters with a broad range of application. The vacuum coating unit SYRUSpro710 has been in use since the beginning of 2016. However the tangible technological breakthrough was only achieved by the company at the end of 2017–after the coating unit was revamped to have a system of direct optical control using removable witness plates.

Revolutionary Methods of Computing and Application of Complex Coatings

These meetings in the Troitsk Nano-Center have become a good tradition:  the first similar event took place in TechnoSpark in October 2016 and was officially rendered as the opening of the Bühler Show Room, a full-scale production site which provided potential Bühler customers with an opportunity to see the coating equipment in action.

The Seminar of 2018 was mostly dedicated to technologies for optimization of coatings, which was not done during the coating process when it is generally too late to make any adjustments, but at the stage of engineering. The event attracted over seventy representatives of enterprises from Russia and Belarus. The first day of the seminar was marked by the speeches made by members of the host companies, and the lecture given by a special guest Alexander Tikhonravov, Professor of the MSU Scientific Computing Center and developer of the OptiLayer programming and computing suite that is used in the absolute majority of optical enterprises of Russia. The second day went on in the format of an open dialogue between the participants. They discussed the results of operation demonstrated by the vacuum coating unit that had been on all night of October 11 to 12 in its automatic mode applying a coating to a notch filter. 

The practical discussions of the results shown by the SYRUSpro710 unit and the LEYBOLD OPTICS OMS5100 system were the key focus of the Seminar’s second day. Guests were openly communicating with Vladimir Ponomarev, Director General of Optispark LLC, analyzing the results of coating applied to the extremely complex NOTCH filter and getting answers to numerous questions concerning practical intricacies of how the coating unit operates, monitoring strategies and technological capacities of the Optispark company as a contract manufacturer of coatings of advanced complexity.

Participants of the seminar rated the event quite highly, and most of the specialists emphasized the importance of making such meetings of a similar format a regular activity in the future.

S. Kabanov, Bühler Leybold Optics, http:///ВакуумноеНапыление.рф, Troitsk, Moscow.

Source: Science and Technology Journal Photonics
Date: January 14, 2019