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Technospark is now part of a global network of startup studios

Technospark is now part of a global network of startup studios

Technospark joined the Global Startup Studio Network that connects companies operating according to the model of serial venture builders of startups.

As the Network puts it, startup studios deploy their expertise, resources and infrastructure under a platform approach to generate startup ideas, then build and launch them into the market. Companies that launch series of startups are also called venture studios, venture builders and startup studios.

“Over the last 20 years, startup studios have popped up in North America, Asia, Europe and other parts of the world. Each studio has a unique approach to building and scaling successful companies. The Global Startup Studio Network exists to connect hundreds of studios around the world,” says the Network website.

There are currently 67 companies from the USA, Canada and Europe registered In the Global Startup Studio Network. Technospark is the first venture builder from Russia.

The Technospark group of companies builds startups in hardware industries through principles of serial startup building and grouping companies into service-based ones that don’t have their product and product-based ones that don’t have their infrastructure. The Technospark’s priority is to minimize investments in a startup and accelerate its launch onto the market and sale. The approach is systematically described in the joint article “Conveyor of Innovations” (2016) by the Director General and the shareholder of Technospark, Denis Kovalevich, and the philosopher, Petr Shchedrovitsky, as well as in the book “Startup Studio Playbook” by Attila Szigeti. As of 2019, the Technospark group is comprised of over 100 startups.

Source: Media Office of Technospark

Date: January 18, 2019