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TechnoSpark Nano-Center at Technoprom Forum 2018

TechnoSpark Nano-Center at Technoprom Forum 2018SIGMA.Novosibirsk and TechnoSpark (Troitsk) Nano-Centers are taking part in the largest innovation forum in Siberia – Technoprom 2018 – that is held in Novosibirsk on August 27-29. The booth of TechnoSpark showcases some product and service solutions made by the startups that it established in Troitsk, Moscow, Ulyanovsk, and Novosibirsk. The main focus of the exhibition is the “smart city”, new power and optimization of manufacturing processes. Most of the displayed products have already hit the market, some are being shown for the first time.

TechnoSpark is an international brand promoted by the FIEP RUSNANO nano-center network managed in the vein of series-produced businesses that operates as a “production line of innovations”. The purpose of the nano-center network is to create practicable tech businesses that are suitable for sale. TechnoSpark has offices operating in the Netherlands, Russia (Troitsk) and China. By 2020 TechnoSpark is planning to open its representative office in Novosibirsk.

Visitors to the exhibition will see the products and service solutions made by startups Solartek (flexible photovoltaics), Ronavi (logistic robot), CarbonLab (paints for heating), Optiplane (hybrid drones), Tubot (in-pipe robot), Artek Braiding (woven preforms), MateriaLab (composites for industries), TEN AT (additive technologies: engineering and printing), TEN Fab (contract metalworking), TEN Optics (coatings for high-precision optical items), TEN+1 (foam for football pitches), BioSpark (contract biotech lab).

The camera attached to the unmanned aerial device Optiplane Colibri S2 will be broadcasting it all live to the websites of the SIGMA.Novosibirsk nano-center, Technospark and Optiplane.