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TechSuccess-2018 Rates TechnoSpark as One of the Fastest-Growing Tech Companies of Russia

TechSuccess-2018 Rates TechnoSpark as One of the Fastest-Growing Tech Companies of Russia

The TechnoSpark Group of Companies has made it to the top of the annual ratings of the Russian Venture Company (RVC), TechSuccess-2018, published by the RVC on February 13, 2019. TechnoSpark ranked second in the innovation section of the ratings. Positions that companies take in the ratings depend on their sales turnover, growth rate and focus on innovation. The ratings for the year 2018 include a total of 129 Russian companies.

Denis Kovalevich, Director General and shareholder of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies:

— Our business model can be dubbed “The Conveyor of Innovations”. Every year our company creates 10-15 startups; at the same time some of the recently built startups become prospective scale-ups, some of which hit the radars of industrial leaders and are prepared for sale. We sell our startups at any stage in their construction, however, it normally takes 7-9 years to launch them in the market. We are currently building over 100 companies, basing them on our platform. In my opinion, it’s the economic efficiency of this sort of approach that the TechSuccess has confirmed by its analytical review. I think that the current ranking proves to a great extent that TechnoSpark is a good place to invest in.

Mikhail Antonov, Deputy Director General and Director for innovative infrastructure development of the RVC:

— The annual TechSuccess ratings have proved to be an efficient selection tool for potential leaders in the domestic tech business. Year by year the ratings have listed an increasing number of companies established after 2008. This generation shift boosts the chances of domestic business to compete successfully on a global scale.

The TechSuccess ratings have been annually compiled by the RVC since 2012 in partnership with the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR) and with the support from PwC, that devised the ratings methodology, and the MSP Bank. One of the goals of the Ratings-2018 was to find fast-growing tech companies with prospects in the emerging markets of the National Tech Initiative (NTI). Participation in the ratings is free of charge and open to the public.

Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark

Link: http://www.ratingtechup.ru/

Date: February 13, 2019