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TEN Fab Staff Testing Performance Increasing Exoskeleton

TEN Fab, a contract manufacturer of mechatronics, medical equipment and robotics, a member of Technospark group of companies, is testing the efficiency of exoskeletons—special devices for prevention of back traumas during physical activity. Similar structures are used by DHL, IKEA, ITURRI, UZ Gent.

TEN Fab Staff Testing Performance Increasing ExoskeletonFor testing, the company selected a passive exoskeleton by Laevo, a Dutch startup. The frame with mechanical assemblies based on hydraulic cylinders is worn over clothes and intended for additional support for working in the leaned forward position and repeated lifting operations, reducing the lower back load. It also provides support during knee bending, squatting, up and out extensions, twisting and walking.

The exoskeleton is tested by TEN Fab Assembly shop, where the package assembly, system integration and testing of 3D printers by TEN Fab client Hercules takes place.

“The exoskeleton cost of several hundred thousand rubles is compensated with the increased labor productivity at the workshop: tiredness-induced reject will be significantly reduced. Moreover, providing staff with exoskeletons, we save money on infrastructure: there is no more need for assembly seats, which allows to arrange the assembly line in a more ergonomic way” TEN Fab Director Oleg Lysak shared.

TEN Fab is also planning to test exoskeletons of other brands. In venture building network, different types of exoskeletons, including the industrial ones, are developed by Biomechanical Systems startup from Tomsk.

Source: TechnoSpark Press Service

Photo: Trotek-TV

Date: 8 July 2019