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TEN Fab switches to operating in two shifts 7 days a week to reduce the lead time

TEN Fab switches to operating in two shifts 7 days a week to reduce the lead timeThe contract producer of mechatronics, medical equipment and robotics TEN fab (belongs to the TechnoSpark company group) introduced another work shift to enhance processing of incoming orders. This required 50 new workers to be employed.

“The key advantage of contract-based production for the customer is the price and the lead time. With an increase in the number of customers, TEN fab started experiencing “queues of pending orders”. Therefore, in order to keep the clients interested in the quick delivery of high-quality items, we decided to introduce the second shift and load the equipment to capacity,” Oleg Lysak, Director of TechnoSpark Contract Businesses, commented.

After the additional shift was introduced, the company’s output has nearly doubled, which enabled TEN fab to maintain and in certain cases even to reduce the lead time. The company was in a single-shift operation since 2015.

Contract-based production requires fine-tuned processes of separate workshops, calculation of machine load, meticulous coordination of supplies from external contractors and transport services.

The TEN Fab production complex boasts cutting-edge production facilities — milling, turning, lathing and milling three- to five-axis-controlled CNC machines, electroerosion, grinding, laser-cutting and bending equipment, facilities for welding, painting, assembly, metal and installation work, as well as engineering division, quality assurance department, production control service, and sales office, which enables the company to utilise its own capacities to deliver integrated orders for production of sophisticated mechatronics items and manufacture single copies of unique components.

In addition to contract-based production, the TechnoSpark Group develops a series of other contract-based businesses.

Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark
Date: July 10, 2019