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The TechnoSpark Companies Took Part in a Technological Seminar for Aerospace Manufacturers

The TechnoSpark Companies Took Part in a Technological Seminar for Aerospace Manufacturers

In Samara, LLC Nanotechnology Center of the Samara Region initiated a one-day seminar titled Contract Technological Services for the Aerospace Industry and hosted by JSC SRC Progress. The TechnoSpark group of companies acted as a partner of this conference.

The seminar became a meeting place for managers and technical specialists of the largest aerospace manufacturing companies located in the Samara Region, such as: JSC SRC Progress, JSC Aviaagregat, JSC Aviakor-Aviatsionny Zavod, JSC Metallist-Samara, LLC Samara ZIM-Instrument, LLC Zavod Pribornykh Podshipnikov, JSC SRI Ekran. The main purpose of this meeting was to establish business contacts and agree on joint operations.

The meeting was held with assistance from the Ministry of Economic Development of the Samara Region. The ANO Cluster Engineering Center of the Samara Region acted as a co-organiser of this forum.

The purpose of the meeting was to integrate innovative technologies, solutions, and products of the FIEP RUSNANO nanocentres into operating activities carried out by the largest aerospace manufacturing companies located in the Samara Region.

The instruments of the meeting included the presentation of solutions to certain problems faced by the participating enterprises of the Samara Aerospace Cluster, the creation of a dialogue between the design companies of the FIEP RUSNANO nanocentres and the participating companies of the Aerospace Cluster, as well as the agreement on further joint activities.

The seminar became a meeting place for managers and technical specialists of the largest manufacturing companies of the Samara Aerospace Cluster, for managers and technical specialists of the design companies of the FIEP RUSNANO nanocentres, such as: Nanocenter of the Samara Region, NC TechnoSpark and its contract companies: СVDSpark, OptiSpark, TEN FAB, TEC LVM AT, Artek Composites, Artek Braiding. For example, the LVM AT Technological Engineering Company (Moscow) that specializes in developing and introducing additive technology-based solutions was represented by Oleg Lysak, Director General. The Ten Fab (Moscow), a contract manufacturing and engineering company, was represented by Andrey Merkel, Director General. The Opti.Spark (Troitsk) by Vladimir Ponomarev, Director General, the CVD. Spark (Troitsk) by Oskar Yagafarov, Director General. The Artek Composites and the Artek Braiding by Boris Abdullaev, Director General. Their reports addressed such topics as principles of operation of contract manufacturings, mechanisms aimed at decreasing costs of precision metalworking services, modern quality control methods and additive technologies: main advantages and restrictions, new products and business models; creating serial and prototype rigs with the use of different materials; producing composite articles; application of composite sleeves and their types. The reports turned out to be very interesting and were actively discussed. All business aspects related to possible cooperation were discussed later in informal circumstances.


Viktor Rogov, the Rodon Research Group Commercial Director:

  • All expectations of the seminar corresponded to the obtained results by at least 80 per cent. The only thing, we did not see a participant specializing in robotic platforms. We wanted very much to communicate with him. That aside, everything was fine. The meeting was very interesting. We acquired a lot of information. I changed my attitude to Troitsk. I considered Troitsk as a science town with no modern developments. But after the seminar I completely changed my opinion: I see that the town has technologies that can be reasonably used in our developments. I mean such technologies as composite materials and robotics.

A good piece of news is that today additive technologies can compete with mass production.

The seminar was organized at a very high level. I frequently participate in seminars that do not focus on practical results. But here we see several directions where we can plan cooperation and partnership. For example, as far as additive technologies are concerned, we’re interested in fast casting. We’re going to discuss this issue.

And we’re highly impressed by the format of the seminar. But it’s important to bring together those people who “coincide” with a declared subject. A great number of reports makes it difficult to seize the essence of the matter and, therefore, I think that there’s no need to be after a thematic range of presentations. Better fewer, but better. I’d like to thank everyone from Troitsk for this wonderful conference!

Vladimir Poverennov, Head of the Nanoengineering Department of Samara State University:

  • The format turned out to be very interesting and successful. The seminar surpassed all our expectations. From newsletters, I knew that there will be reports similar to my own work and, therefore, communicating with my colleagues behind the scenes was an important part for me. As you know, our company is engaged in infrared microoptics and, for example, Oskar Yagafarov represents a firm that produces carriers used for optical systems and their elements. For me, it was very interesting to talk to him because our company needs such carriers. We hope to have fruitful cooperation with them in the future.

Evgeny Kosmodemyansky, Deputy General Research Director of JSC SRC Progress:

It goes without saying that we’re going to cooperate. All presented technologies are attractive to the aerospace industry. We’ve established necessary business contacts. Now it’s high time to develop our cooperation.

Source: The Press Service of the Nanotechnology Centre of the Samara Region
Date: April 11, 2018