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Troitsk science city is able to give a head start “Skolkovo”

Troitsk science city is able to give a head start “Skolkovo”

In Troitsk, officially became a part of Moscow from July 1, 2012, ten research institutes were, in fact, dependent on enterprises.

Troitsk science city is able to give a head start "Skolkovo"

We are talking about setting up in Zelenograd in the short -term equivalent of Silicon Valley.  However, the president of the Academy of Sciences of Russia Vladimir Forts also speaks about   Troitsk, have, according to him, the unique scientific staff.

– That is why we initiated together with the City and the scientists who are in Troitsk, creation of a scientific technological cluster, – said at a recent meeting with the leaders of Russian Academy of Sciences, Acting Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin, who visited the science city during a visit to New Moscow. – The Government of the Russian Federation supported the idea, and now, of course, we need to have specific plans to shape the development of the site.

Center of the cluster is a nanotechnology center “Tehnospark”. It was created with the participation of RUSNANO and the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship in Moscow. By the end of the year, the center initiates the creation of twenty companies in the field of electronics, laser technology, and medicine of the future. Soon Troitsk will start development center and new electronics applications, organized by the city government and the Belgian company IMEC, combining research laboratories and specialists in 72 countries. The agreement on a joint project to build a new research center has been signed, so that we can talk about that in a global network of IMEC can enter and Moscow.

The city plans to develop nuclear scientists, laser and nanotechnology to create advanced composite materials. Troitsk in the future will become one of the largest Russian centers of innovation.

In fact, it is a real scientific urban education where the merged research and production facilities, high-tech production and innovation. In short, a great potential ! Speaking of potential. Today in Trinity operates a cluster of “New materials, laser and radiation technology ” (Troitsk ), it is characterized by high personnel potential due to the presence among the participants of specialized higher education institutions providing vocational training and retraining of personnel for work in industry and research institutions.

The area is characterized by a cluster -based infrastructure, particularly innovative, leading elements of which are business incubators, nanotechnology center and industrial park.

Over the past five years, the amount of expenditure on research and development, innovation infrastructure development companies and organizations – members of the cluster, as well as regional and local authorities amounted to 8.82 billion rubles.

Source: Evening Moscow