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Tyumen State University Students to Launch Startups With TechnoSpark

Tyumen State University Students to Launch Startups With TechnoSparkTyumen State University and TechnoSpark Group have signed a partnership agreement: students of the university will do a pre-graduation internship at TechnoSpark campus in Troitsk and at its partner nanotech centers throughout Russia. According to information received by Znak.com from the Strategic Communications Department of Tyumen State University, the corresponding agreement has been signed by Denis Kovalevich, CEO of TechnoSpark, and Valery Falkov, Rector of Tyumen State University.

“We are working hard on arranging an entrepreneurial training track for students. For this, we have chosen TechnoSpark Group, a successful partner that knows how to teach others to deal with high-tech startups. Hundreds of TSU students will go through the qualifying stage and get the basic skills. The most successful ones will do an internship within the company,” commented Valery Falkov on signing of the agreement.

It is anticipated that 10 third-year undergraduates and first-year postgraduates will do an eight-month business internship with TechnoSpark and the nanotech centers. This will be an unprecedented opportunity for interns to launch their own startups in one of the hardware industries of the future: robotics, photovoltaics, power generation, microelectronics, genomics, personalised medicine, new materials, and unmanned transportation systems. TechnoSpark and the university are going to invest 1 million rubles in each startup project.

At the beginning of the internship, the students will be given a verified and tested business hypothesis on a startup product and a workplace in a newly created company. During the internship, students will focus on business creation matters (technology, commerce, business development), while all support functions will be carried out by special service companies.

Tyumen State University Students to Launch Startups With TechnoSparkTyumen State University Students to Launch Startups With TechnoSparkThe interns will have access to the professional ecosystem of TechnoSpark: contract manufacturers, industrial designers, design engineers, process engineers, and other technology services.

Each student will be paid 20 thousand rubles per month to cover personal expenses. Transport and accommodation expenses will be reimbursed.

Based on the results of the technology startup launch, the interns will defend their final qualifying projects.

To shortlist the interns, there will be two qualifying stages in the form of a ten-hour business game “Build a company. Sell the company.” The first stage will be held on 28 February and 28 March; the final game will take place on 28 May.

To recap, TechnoSpark has been rated best technology park of Russia three years in a row by the Association of Clusters and Technology Parks.

Source: Znak Online Newspaper

Photo: Strategic Communications Department of Tyumen State University

Date: 15 February 2019