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U-NOVUS Forum will put on a business game for students and tech companies

Business Game “Build a Company. Sell the Company” will be held on October 9 in Tomsk at the forum of new solutions U-NOVUS-2018.

The NIA Tomsk was informed by the media office of the Tomsk Territory Administration that the game is 10-hour immersion throughout which the participants boost their business skills and take a test of their entrepreneurial capacity. The players use their hands and heads: they design constructions using simple materials and then make agreements with technical corporations, business people, engineers, investors, financial institutes, etc. to develop their business ideas and companies.

To create the game scenarios, there is a database that comprises 200 case studies of how high-tech companies have been established with a network of nanotech centers starting from 2012 and many years of research of European innovation centers and mass production entrepreneurship in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

The Business Game “Build a Company. Sell the Company” is considered to be the most affordable diagnostic tool to reveal entrepreneurial skills in the Russian market and one of contemporary education patterns. The organizer of the game is TechnoSpark. To participate one has to register on the forum website.

The Forum of New Solutions U-NOVUS – 2018 will be held in Tomsk on October 10–13 in the framework of implementation of the pilot region model of the Strategy for Science and Technology Development of Russia (SSTD). The program brings together a series of workshops and design sessions oriented to figuring out solutions to applied tasks set by the leading companies within the agenda of the SSTD and the Digital Economy program. Each workshop is put on by a large company. The main areas of activity: digitalization of production, “smart” materials, the digital hospital, “smart” cities, knowledge management, technical art (Science&Art). The workshops and design sessions will be visited by representatives of small and medium-size tech business and research groups, employees of large companies and trend-setting specialists in various industries. Participants and guests will also be enjoying technological demo-zones, a science stand-up show, a tech performance, open visionary lectures and networking sessions.

Source: NIA Tomsk

Link: http://niatomsk.ru/more/69577/

Date: September 21, 2018