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Visionix Rus Starts Selling Localized Eye Care Equipment in Russia

The Russian subdivision of the developer and manufacturer of the eye care equipment Visionix Rus (joint enterprise of Luneau Technology Operations, Israel/France and TechnoSpark) has received its registration certificate for the diagnostic multifunctional Visionix unit (models VX 130+/ VX 120+/ VX 110/ VX 220/ VX 230) at Roszdravnadzor (Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare), which allows for the sale of the localized equipment to start off in Russia.

Visionix Rus Starts Selling Localized Eye Care Equipment in RussiaThe French-Israeli LTO company develops and manufactures eye care devices under the brand name of Visionix: autorefractometers, lensmeters, phoropters and other items used in diagnostic tests for glaucoma, cataract, kerato pathologies, high precision measurements of the eye optical properties and individual CL fitting. For example, VX130+ combines the functions of an autorefractor, pupillometer, kerato topographer, aberrometer, pachymeter and contactless tonometer—there is no other device that has such a range of options. The devices are targeted at the state and private clinics, as well as optical stores that specialize in customized CL vision correction. In terms of their quality and range of functions, the Visionix devices compete with the premium-level equipment made in Japan and Germany.

According to the DISCOVERY Research Group marketing agency, the market share of ophthalmic instruments and equipment (excluding their parts and consumables) in Russia accounted for $82.9 mln in 2017 in monetary terms, and 961,700 items in kind. The size of the market in ophthalmic instruments and equipment increased by 14.6 % in terms of value in 2017. It is worth pointing out that the market almost entirely defined by the volumes of imported products: the production share in the total market size by value amounted to 4.4 % in 2017. No devices with such range of functions had been manufactured in Russia before.

In the middle of 2017, LTO jointly with TechnoSpark made a decision to launch the project aimed at localizing the Visionix eye care equipment in Russia.

‘Over the two years, together with our partner Medica, we have developed the scheme for equipment localization, organized the production of equipment, trained Russian specialists at the LTO facilities, found manufacturers of Russian components, participated in a number of major ophthalmic and optical trade fairs, and, at last, received the registration certificate, so we are ready to start the sales. Our equipment perfectly answers the needs of clinics and optical stores with increased foot traffic, since the standard checkup time is significantly reduced from 7-10 minutes to 90 seconds, and the doctor will now have a chance to dedicate more time to the patient,’ Ekaterina Khodunova, director of Visionix Rus says.

Before the end of the year, Visionix Rus is planning to obtain registration certificates for the rest of the devices: slit lamp VX75, phoropters VX60 / VX55 and display VX22.

Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark

Date: September 5, 2019